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  consistent 一貫的;前后一致的

  continuous 連續不斷的

  exclusively 唯一的;排他的

  primarily 主要地

  maximum 最大的;最大值

  Particular 特別的;某一個的


  particular 特殊的;專指的;講究的

  [詞組] in particular 尤其是,特別是;be particular about…對……很挑剔

  I have to know why it is I’m doing a particular job. 我做某項工作時,我一定要知道為什么要做它。

  Particular emphasis will be placed on oral language training. 口語訓練將給予特別重視。

  Ted was very particular about the colors he used. 特德對使用的顏色非常挑剔。

  [詞義辨析] particular 強調在性質上的“特殊”,special 強調與其他相異的“特殊”,peculiar經常強調“奇怪”。


  I noticed his eyes in ____ , because they were such an unusual color. 我特別注意到他的眼睛,因為其顏色與眾不同。

  A. particular  B. peculiar  C. special  D. general

  My brother likes eating very much but he isn’t very ________about the food he eats. 我哥哥非常喜歡吃,但他對吃的食物并不十分挑剔。

  A. special       B. peculiar       C. unusual      D. particular

  maximum 最大的;最大值

  He smokes a maximum of ten cigarettes a day. 他一天最多抽10支煙。

  I need the maximum amount of information you can give me. 我需要你所能給我的最大的信息量。

  [詞形變化] maximize 使……最大化,如:maximize the profits 使利潤最大化

  [反義詞] minimum 最小的;minimize 使……最小化,如:minimize the costs使成本最小化


  Eight hours’ sleep is the ________ that the children should have, otherwise, they will feel ill for being lack of sleep. 8小時是孩子的最小睡眠量,否則,他們將因為睡眠不足而感到不舒服。

  A. insufficiency     B. minimum     C. excess     D. maximum

  exclude  除外,排除

  We cannot exclude the possibility that some warmongers will run the risk of starting a new world war. 我們不能排除有些戰爭販子會冒險發動一場新的世界大戰的可能性。

  We cannot exclude the possibility that he killed his wife. 我們不能排除他殺了他妻子的可能性。

  [反義詞]admit 吸收;include 包括

  [詞形變化]excluding把......排除在外;exclusive (adj.)唯一的; exclusively (adv.)唯一地 (=only)


  Students who passed the first test ____ from the second one. 通過第一次考試的學生就不要參加第二次考試了。

  A. are expelled   B. are excused   C. are excluded   D. are dismissed

  consistent  始終如一的,一致的,堅持的

  The last five years have seen a consistent improvement in the country's economy. 最近的五年來,這個國家的經濟狀況一直在好轉。

  What you're saying now is not consistent with what you said last week. 你現在說的話與上星期你說的不相符。

  [反義詞]inconsistent 前后不一致的

  [詞形變化] consist (vt)組成;在于; consistency (n.)一致


  The reporters exposed the corruption of several high officials in the government, ______, they were asked to resign from the office. 記者報道的了政府一些高級官員的貪污情況,因此他們被要求辭職。

  A. consequentlyB.constantlyC. consistentlyD. thereafter

  These figures are not consistent ________ the results obtained in previous experiments. 這些數字與我們在之前的實驗中得到的結果不一致。

  A. to       B. with    C. for       D. in

  continuous 連續的;連綿不斷的

  The brain needs a continuous supply of blood. 大腦需要連續不斷地供血。

  The patient is seriously ill and is being kept under continuous observation. 病人病情嚴重, 現接受持續觀察.

  [詞形變化] continuously (adv)持續地; continual (adj)連續的,繼續的,頻繁的,循環的; continually (adv)不斷地,頻繁地,繼續地; continue (vt)繼續;

  [詞義辨析] continuous 和continual均表示“連續的,不斷的”,但有細微差別:前者表示中間沒有任何停頓的“連續”,后者則表示中間可以停頓的“連續”。區分以下兩句:(1)It has been raining continuously for three days. (2) It has been raining continually for three days. 第(1)句表示“雨一直下個不停,下了三天”;第(2)句表示“雨斷斷續續地下了三天”。

  [詞形聯想] continent大陸;continental 大陸的;陸地的


  It is our _______ policy that we will achieve unity through peaceful means.通過和平手段追求統一是我們一貫的政策。

  A. consistentB. continuous   C. considerate D.continual

  The problem of tracing the disease in such a country was made even more difficult by the ________ war in the country. 由于頻繁的戰亂,使得在這個國家跟蹤這種疾病變得很困難。

  A. continuous  B. consequent    C. constant    D. consistent

  primarily 主要地;首先

  [詞形變化] primary 首要的;初級的

  Laziness is the primary cause of our failure. 懶惰是我們失敗的主要原因。


  Steel is an alloy(合金)composed ________ of iron and carbon. 鋼是一種合金,主要由鐵和碳構成。

  A. traditionally     B. primarily     C. carefully     D. partially



  1. Thirdly, consumers develop loyalty to particular brands that provide a ____________, high-quality experience, and that loyalty is essentially an emotional attachment to the brands. (2018/6/23, 人們喜歡購買名牌的原因及優劣勢)


  2. Many people think that luck plays the most significant role in a successful life, but in my view, to achieve success in life, one needs __________ hard work, though luck does help in some cases.(2020/10/30, 實現生活目標主要是運氣使然嗎?)


  3. Without the natural talent, ___________training would be neither attractive nor productive, and without the training, the child would not learn how to exploit and develop their talent. (《劍橋雅思》,天賦和后天訓練,哪個更重要?)


  4. The government in any country provides funding for the development of its higher education, but there are divided opinions about where this government funding should go. Should it go ___________ to those “top students” or indiscriminately to all students? My personal view is, however, quite definitive: the government money should be provided for all students. (2017/6/24, 政府應該只資助優秀學生嗎?)


  5. What is more, since traditional games are usually played with minimal technology and ____________ freedom, children can learn by example from other children without any pre-programed rules. Children need to play traditional games as a physical and mental necessity in the open air, instead of just playing computer games like a little nerd in front of the screen. (2018/8/2, 現在的游戲不及傳統游戲有助于孩子發展技能嗎?)


  6. In my view, among all the funding possibilities, government funding should always remain the best way of operating a museum, because it can ensure the ___________ independence of the museum as an institution to educate the public. (2018/10/20, 資助博物館的最佳辦法)


  7. Unless there is a __________ crisis going on, it is always the case that the public will become immune to shocking statistics or terrible photos, for they have seen too many of them and tend to neglect them. It is, therefore, the job of the government to keep informing the public (through television or other media) of the current environmental issues. (2019/4/14, 政府應該讓人們負責保護本地環境嗎?)


  8. A key responsibility of the world’s rich countries is to increase the amount of aid provided to the poorer countries, __________ in the field of health. The question is: should drug companies be responsible for finding new medicine for these countries or should they mainly focus on making money? (2019/8/10, 醫藥公司的主要職責是掙錢,還是為貧窮國家研究新藥?)


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